At Cwebs Africa, we are passionate about helping you deliver your website objectives.

With our web design and development services, you can be sure of a website that has:

-a professional look and feel,

-easy to navigate and mobile responsive,

-optimized for multiple search engines,

-and that will drive more visitors to your website.

-Most importantly, your website will also be optimized for conversion to ensure more sales leads and paying customers for your business

Our Website Goals on you as a client
  • Increase your business inquiries.
  • Make your information easily accessible.
  • Improve your professional image.
  • Provide a great online user experience.
  • Let you focus on your business

It is all about getting a return on investment that helps you grow your business

That is why we take the time to get to know your business before any of the website design work begins.

Once we understand your business and the customers that you serve, we are able to combine quality website design with great functionality to ensure that you get the results you are looking for.

Because at Cwebs our goal is to help you build credibility, increase website visitors, and convert them to paying customers for you.

With a supportive flawless testing team, we deliver website projects to the clients with total functionality



-Corporate web design

-Institutional(schools) web design 

-Medicare websites

-Construction websites 

-Law firm websites

-and many more

       We have our agents developers  in Eldoret | Kitale |Nakuru |Kakamega

We always employ ‘best practice’ methods and technologies and there are some very good reasons for doing this:

  • Usability – we build all our websites with good usability in mind to provide your customers with the best possible experience.       
  • Faster loading times for site pages due to smaller file sizes, the pages will load quicker and your site will use less bandwidth to prevent users from leaving before the page loads.
  • Accessible to more users – this doesn’t just mean that disabled people will be able to access the site using a screen reader it also allows the site to be viewed on an increasing array of portable devices, such as PDAs and mobile phones.
  • Improved search engine rankings – search engines will be able to read and index your content more easily which will lead to increased site traffic.


Blow away your competition with an amazing website!

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