Web management services

Having a good online presence is essential for your business but managing a website properly is a complex and time-consuming task to do yourself.

Cwebs Africa can maximize the value you get from your business website by managing it

With years of experience maintaining websites for organizations of all sizes we have the knowledge to make it all work for you

Our website management service means we can take care of:
  • Website design (a new website)
  • Website maintenance (updating your existing website)
  • Hosting Management and Server Monitoring
  • Website Backups and Storage
  • Web Security and Malware Protection
  • Email services
  • Domain names (your website's address on the internet)
  • Website security (encrypt data and improve protection from hackers)
  • and much more
What are the benefits?


We manage all of the updates so you don't have to worry about it, saving you both time and money

Constant Security Monitoring

Configuration and monitoring of security plugin with immediate responses to critical alerts and security issues

Monitored Website Uptime

We'll constantly monitor your website and report on any downtime that your website experiences

Website Content updates -

Cwebs can assist you with routine updates of your website as required


We are available 7 days a week at most times and can be contacted by phone, email and if planned, using our online support system.


 Don't have the time or knowledge to secure or maintain your website?  We'll ensure the integrity and security of your website is well maintained